Buchan promotes Allen Lucini to Principal

August 25, 2017

New principal will elevate culture and design. 

The Buchan Group`s newly-appointed Principal Allen Lucini believes that architecture is about people and spaces - and is ultimately a social responsibility.

Allen, who has played key leadership roles in master planning and development for a range of residential, commercial and retail projects in Australia and overseas, says that whilst architects have a responsibility to fulfil their client’s requirements, they should do so with a focus on the end user experience.

“Architecture is, first and foremost, about the design of spaces. These spaces become places for people to use and experience - Architecture is after all, a social responsibility.”

Allen, based in Melbourne, has a keen interest in promoting design, the practice of architecture, creativity and the evolution of design culture within Buchan.

”As Architects and Designers we have to understand context and be conscious of our legacy. Throughout the design process we have to ensure that the final product is the best it can be.”

In his most recent venture as lead designer on Mall Plaza Vespucio, Allen’s designs are an integral influence on the future vision of an existing major retail centre in Santiago, Chile.

Due for completion in 2018, the development is set to become the cultural and community “heart and soul of Vespucio,” with a focus on public realm and civic offering. Allen’s design for the project draws on Buchan’s world leading experience in retail planning, customer experience and place making to build upon the existing urban fabric and reimagine the local area.

Since joining Buchan, Allen has contributed notable value to the practice and reinforced the studio reputation though his unique skill set. Drawing on his exposure in the commercial and retail sectors, he has strengthened the firm`s design credentials and supported the venture into new market areas through master planning and international projects. 

Andries Meyer, Acting CEO of Buchan, says that Allen’s strong urban design capability is one of the key attributes for continued growth of the business.

“Allen’s social and design leadership skills are a hugely positive influence on our design culture and emerging talent, and will assist in creating the ideal environment to grow forward-looking design and thought leadership.

“Buchan undertakes local and international projects and Allen’s influence will be reflected in all that we do.  We are thrilled to promote him to Principal.”

Buchan Wins Best Refurbishment or Renovation over $5M

August 25, 2017

Parmelia House was originally constructed in the early 1970’s. A series of adaptations over the past decades had left the foyer with an incongruous mix of elements and styles.

Buchan’s design sought to update and harmonise finishes throughout the foyer, incorporate space for a new co-working tenancy, and provide equitable universal access.

A concierge desk was constructed with back-lit acrylic cladding. The same cladding forms a dynamic backdrop to the café servery, drawing attention from across the street.

An external landscaped timber deck was created over an underutilised external staircase to the basement, which has been replaced with a new internal staircase. The existing revolving entry door has been replaced with a frameless glass airlock and auto-sliding doors. A contemporary selection of café and corporate foyer furniture complete the effect.

The project won the award for Best Refurbishment or Renovation over $5M at the 2017 Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards(WA) in July this year, for Credentia Construction.



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